Walen Financial Group, LLC is here to help you make better financial decisions. The investing models we employ are rooted in economic theory developed by Nobel Prize winning researchers and leading economists. You don’t have to dive deep into that theory to make successful investments, all you need is qualified coaching and expert advice, so you can develop a successful investing strategy yourself. We are here to help you transform your experience with money and achieve true peace of mind.

Investment Advice and Financial Planning Services

If you've landed here, you are likely looking for investment advice from a financial advisor. Finding the right advisor that fits your needs is vital to developing a long-term financial plan that helps you accumulate wealth and fulfill your financial goals. What should you look for when seeking someone to help you with investment advice? What expectations should you have?

There is so much more to creating a financial plan than picking the right mutual fund for your portfolio – you need more than just an asset management company. You need a strategy for growing your wealth and meeting your goals. You require a plan that you can stick to. For help with this, you want a financial advisor. In fact, you want a financial advisor who acts as a financial coach. This person should keep you motivated to stay on track, encourages you to stick to your goals, and educates you as you go along.

The best financial advisors are great educators. They are in the business to teach you to understand your financial situation – after taking the time to understand it themselves. They will help you recognize your risk tolerance, understand stock market basics, and appreciate how investments work. When looking for a personal financial advisor, you want to find someone qualified and knowledgeable. They should know their stuff. But they should also be able to explain it to you at your level. You should always feel smarter leaving your advisor's office than when you entered.

Investment advice can come from many sources (i.e., friends, family, media, and investment advisors). When you decide to invest your money, make sure the person/entity with whom you invest is a fiduciary. Being a fiduciary means the investment firm puts your interests before its own, seeks the best prices and terms, acts in good faith, and provides all relevant facts to you. They avoid conflicts of interest, do their best to ensure their advice is accurate and thorough, and avoid using your assets to benefit themselves.

Once you have chosen a trusted, knowledgeable fiduciary to act as your advisor, financial consultation with them should occur at least once a year (at a minimum), along with quarterly updates to review your plan and make changes should they be needed. A good financial advisor will help you monitor your current financial situation and recommend improving it when necessary.

At Walen Financial Group, LLC, investment advice is more than asset management. We always have the best interests of our clients in mind when we offer advice. To us, it is about building relationships that last over the long term. We desire to walk side-by-side with you throughout your earning and retirement years. We endeavor to help you develop and maintain a financial plan that will change and adapt as you age. We will help you identify your investment risk and invest in a portfolio that allows your wealth to grow while allowing you to sleep at night. Contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation financial consultation.