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Using A Financial Advisor to Help Manage Your Debt

People often think financial advisors are people you hire to help you invest your money and accumulate wealth. While this is true, debt management is also a key component of high-quality financial planning. After all, saving for retirement or other financial goals is nearly impossible when drowning in debt. A good financial coach can help you get your head above water and move you safely back to shore by carefully analyzing the debt you owe and your cash flow.

Most people carry debt of some sort throughout their lifetime. It’s important to know that not all debt is bad. An example of good debt is when you have loans that increase your net worth and generate future income (i.e., the mortgage on a house that appreciates in value every year). Any debt that hinders your net worth or doesn’t provide a return on your investment (i.e., high-interest credit cards or car loans) is bad

Controlling your debts is essential if you are looking for a healthy financial future. Your personal financial advisor can help you do this. They will look at the types of loans you hold, map out your cash flow, identify potential or existing problems, and, if necessary, set up a debt-elimination plan strategy that works for you and your situation. At the same time, it's important to establish a monthly budget so that you can see your cash flow. You might be amazed to see how much money you spend (without thinking about it) on non-essential things. Knowing where your money goes each month lets you see areas you can trim. The money you save by cutting "the fat" from your budget becomes the "extra money" you put toward paying off your debts.

Agile investors know that shedding excess debt is essential to building wealth. As you pay off your debt, more money can go toward building up your retirement portfolio, building up an emergency fund, saving for a first home, or saving for college. Agile investors also recognize that getting investment advice from a good financial planner to help with the debt-elimination process is vital to making that happen.

At Walen Financial Group, LLC, wealth management is not just about investing. It is about developing a comprehensive financial plan that includes debt management/elimination, a working monthly budget, and an investment portfolio that targets your financial goals. Contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation financial consultation.