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Initial Consulation

At an initial consultation with Walen Financial Group, we help investors discern their true purpose for money. We then use academic Nobel Prize wining Free Market philosophy to help them look at their current investment portfolios to see if they are actually meeting that purpose. We do this through the following:

MRI/Free Market Investment Analysis

Here we measure your current portfolio against the Free Market/Modern Portfolio Theory. Using the MRI, we can see how well diversified your investments are, what level of risk you taking, and then determine if your returns are appropriate for your risk level.

Retirement Plan Management

If your employer has a retirement plan, we will advise you to invest in it and to invest so that you reap any matching funds the company offers. Should your employer offer a menu of choices for investing, we will help you determine the best options. We will continue to revisit this over time.

Retirement Cash Flow

We will calculate your projected retirement income and expenses to make sure you invest according to your unique retirement needs. Because your life evolves over time, changes (both good and bad) can impact your retirement needs, therefore we will revisit this often.

Call us to schedule an initial consultation. In advance of our meeting, we will provide you with a few materials to review that will help you better understand our approach to investing. In the meantime, take the Investor Quiz. An educated investor should be able to answer "yes" to most all of these questions. If you are not able to answer "yes", we’d like to help.

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Walen Financial is there to help you make better financial decisions. The investing models we employ are rooted in economic theory developed by Nobel Prize winning researchers and leading economists. You don’t have to dive deep into that theory to make successful investments, all you need is qualified coaching and expert advice, so you can develop a successful investing strategy yourself. We are here to help you transform your experience with money and achieve true peace of mind.