Agile Investing

Agile Investing: Strategies for Growing Your Wealth

Your Guide to Being an Agile Investor

Do you wish you had a concise, easy-to-understand view of everything you need to know about investing in one place?

In “Agile Investing”, Richard Walen provides a highly visual look at the world of investing in easy-to-understand language, sharing his 40+ years of financial knowledge and experience — without bogging you down with financial jargon. This book aims to help you securely navigate the financial world and pave the way to investing success while avoiding the most common mistakes investors make. The concepts and strategies outlined here are supported by the Nobel-prize-winning science of Dr. Harry Markowitz, Dr. William F. Sharpe, and Dr. Merton Miller.

As we all know, the economy has been on a roller coaster ride for the past decade. In recent years, it has been a challenge for people to keep up with the market's twists and turns. "Agile Investing" is a book that shows you how to be a successful investor, regardless of the ups and downs of the economy. In this book, Walen explains the basics of investing, discusses different investment strategies, and helps you determine which one is right for you. Most importantly, Walen provides readers with a detailed action plan that they can follow to put his advice into practice.

"Agile Investing" is a comprehensive guide to investing that is perfect for anyone who wants to take control of their financial future. The author of this book shares with you only scientifically proven and time-tested investing strategies and techniques. You will get detailed information about the following and the actions you need to take:

  • Becoming an agile investor requires a straightforward, ongoing process that combines education, coaching, and planning. You need to find a financial coach.
  • There’s a perpetual cycle investors get caught in, called The Investor’s Dilemma. You need to be aware of it and take steps to avoid it.
  • There are a lot of myths about investing that can lead to subpar returns and jeopardize retirement security. You need to know about them and avoid them.
  • Many investing pitfalls can be avoided if you take the time to understand the components of an investment portfolio. You need to know what you are invested in and why.
  • It’s important to understand the concept of risk in investing since there is a direct relationship between risk and returns. You need to know your risk tolerance.
  • Many investing failures can be avoided and prevented through proper diversification - a smart investing technique based on creating a mix of various types of assets within your portfolio. You need to utilize proper diversification strategies.
  • Nobel Prize-winning theories can be used to engineer an efficient portfolio, that stays in line with your goals and time horizon, and has a level of risk that you allows you to sleep at night. You need to understand the science of investing.
  • Achieving financial success through investing requires setting goals, making informed decisions, and managing risk. That’s why you need a clear investment strategy. You need to develop your financial plan.

Agile investing is all about being nimble and flexible with your investments. It's about being able to adapt to changing market conditions and always being on the lookout for new opportunities. The book “Agile Investing” truly will become your primary guide on all things having to do with building your wealth and achieving your own personal American Dream.